Pro Logistics Training is accredited with the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS), is registered with the construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS).

Our aim is to provide the highest standards of training to our customers. All of our instructors have many years of experience and are registered with the above awarding bodies.

NPORS - The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme

The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme was formed in 1992 by its current Chief Executive, Mr. Stan Chapman. He found a requirement in the industrial and construction sectors for a flexible registration scheme that could offer training cards for a range of plant and equipment.

Five years later, the scheme became an accrediting body approved by the Health & Safety Commission for lift trucks. Its main ethos is that it allows the training providers registered with the Scheme to offer a flexible training package for their customers to best suit their needs.

The Scheme has consistently maintained the principle that there should be no ‘Grandfather Rights’ to trainees. Each trainee must be able to show that they have been trained and tested on each category they want on their operators card.

NPORS have also achieved the recognised ISO9001:2000 accreditation. This is vital in ensuring that the high standards set by the Scheme are monitored and upheld.

NPORS believe that it is important for the sectors it represents to know that the scheme is in business to help them. Through flexibility and listening to people working in the industry, we are constantly finding ways to help.

NPORS is an Accrediting Body recognised by the Health & Safety Commission for the accreditation of lift truck operator training as outlined in the Approved Code of Practice: “Rider Operated Lift Trucks – Operator Training” L117.

To enable the Scheme achieve these standards we operate a national qualifications register for lift truck operators, Instructors and in-house trainers. Additionally our national register also includes operators of and Instructors for, all categories of mobile plant, power tools and equipment, across all industry sectors.

The cards are designed to provide proof to employers that the holder has the skills, Health and Safety knowledge and practical experience to undertake the work competently.

The CPCS cards come in a range of colors dependant on the status of the cardholder. For example a red card shows the cardholder has passed a CPCS operators test and has passed the CITB health and safety touch screen test, and is working towards the required National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). This red card is valid for 2 years and cannot be renewed. The candidate is also required to log a minimum of 300hours-machine operation.

A blue card is confirmation that the cardholder has successfully achieved the National Vocational Qualification at level 2 or above in a specific discipline.

CPCS – Construction Plant Competence Scheme

The CPCS card scheme has been introduced to ensure that operators wishing to work on MCG (major contractor group) sites will only be allowed on site if they are in possession of a valid CPCS card for the work they are to undertake and for the machine they will be operating.

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NVQ Level 2 Plant and Machinery Operations

To obtain a blue CPCS card operators are required to achieve an NVQ level 2 within 2 years of obtaining their red card. This is a work-based qualification assessed by providing evidence of competence in the form of a portfolio, which has to be witnessed, assessed and validated.

There are 4 units in the NVQ, 2 are health and safety orientated units and 2 are observations of performance. Prior to enrolling on the NVQ, candidates are required to pass the CPCS operator test and the CITB health and safety touch screen test.