NPORS Information

NPORS have also achieved the recognised ISO9001:2000 accreditation. This is vital in ensuring that the high standards set by the Scheme are monitored and upheld.

NPORS believe that it is important for the sectors it represents to know that the scheme is in business to help them. Through flexibility and listening to people working in the industry, we are constantly finding ways to help.

NPORS is an Accrediting Body recognised by the Health & Safety Commission for the accreditation of lift truck operator training as outlined in the Approved Code of Practice: “Rider Operated Lift Trucks – Operator Training” L117. To enable the Scheme achieve these standards we operate a national qualifications register for lift truck operators, Instructors and in-house trainers. Additionally our national register also includes operators of and Instructors for, all categories of mobile plant, power tools and equipment, across all industry sectors.

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